• Honesty and transparency
  • Liability
  • Competition and justice
  • Creativity and excellence
  • Employees and Customers Satisfaction
  • Awareness Of Social Responsibility


in 1995, the first step in the logistics sector at our Road transportation in the sector for many years, we have adopted a policy to provide quality services.

ODEN LOGISTICS Inc. sea operations in 2012 by starting a new structure.

Extensive service network in the world in terms of the importance of foreign trade in all points; By road, sea, air, rail services.
Globalizing world provides its customers the service standards the companies, so the most effective way of better quality out of a step forward, fast, cheap and at the same time tried to serve.



ODEN LOGISTICS Inc. to provide innovative and honest service with the brand, its employees and its stakeholders in the sample against common attitudes and behaviors to the exhibit. Customer Orientation; “Want to win” philosophy of our present and future customers in accordance with the expectations and meet.


Business ethics based on the principle of honesty on reflecting ODEN LOGISTICS Inc. partial and complete transport fast and timely delivery. Evaluating the right time to expand his vision offers alternative solutions to our customers. ODEN LOGISTICS Inc. is ready to share its information Logistics experts. Logistics and international freight only address the intersection of ODEN LOGISTICS Inc. along with the globalisation of World Trade importer and exporter due to the increase of day geçdikçe, meet the needs of the growing logistics and customers ‘ different requirements can compete in as soon as possible, prices by offering industry solutions with alternative transportations.

Our Quality Policy

To fulfill the needs and expectations of our customers and in this way is to ensure customer satisfaction…

Customer Satisfaction

ODEN followed customer-focused approach in LOGISTICS…

Information security and management policy

Job ensuring continuity and security breaches minimize risk of harm arising from and…

Occupational health and safety

To protect the health and safety of its employees and stakeholders, create a safe working environment…